Double Stuff Oreo


Double Stuff Oreo

Double Stuff Oreo is an amazing flavor from the fryd extract family. This flavor is an hybrid flavor inspired by the double stuff oreo strain. This disposable was released in the early part of 2022 alongside the other 9 original fryd flavors.

Double Stuff Oreo Disposables Packaging

Similar to the different flavors from fryd extracts. Our double stuff oreo follows our standard packaging with the fryd logo and the front of the box and the strain type just above it. The companies name Fryd Extracts found at the top in bold with the concentrate type just above it. In the case of the double stuff oreo that is the live resin device.

The disposable is blue and black in color inspired by the regular oreo box packaging of course.

Double Stuff Oreo taste

This disposables have a chocolate taste to it. You will definitely get hints of chocolate aroma as you smoke thisĀ  flavor from fryd extracts.

Effects & Benefits Of Double Stuff Oreo

Fryd extract disposables are loved and sort of by many not only for their superior taste. They are also loved for their long lasting high. Some of the effects of our fryd 2gram disposables include:

  • It induces a feeling of nausea & dizziness
  • It slows down reaction time
  • It makes one giggly and happy
  • It increases levels of creativity

Benefits of fryd disposables

  • It is perfect for those suffering from insomnia as it induces sleep
  • It is perfect for those with chronic pains due to its numbing effects
  • It is perfect for artistic or general creative people with roadblocks as it inspires creativity and gives a whole different perspective

How to Buy Fryd Disposables

There are a lot of people of trying to find out how and where to buy fryd vapes. Due to the fast growing popularity of fryd disposables, there have being a lot of fakes scamming people of their money on social media like instagram or telegram. Please, to stay safe make sure you buy your fryd from a licensed dispensary. If you want your fryd disposables delivered to your door steps then order from our website the official fryd extracts.


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